Corporate Purpose of PLIA

It shall be the objective and purpose of this Association to promote the growth of the life insurance industry in the Philippines so that it could expand its contribution to the socioeconomic development of the nation; and pursuing this objective, it shall undertake:

To propagate and spread the concept, principles and benefits of life insurance, and to this end conduct educational campaigns, training seminars, workshops, conferences and lectures;

To develop and implement through its members ethical norms for underwriting and management of life insurance;

To serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and information; and for clarifying and harmonizing conflicting views on matters of concern to the life insurance industry in general and the member companies in particular;

To act as the vehicle through which problems and issues common to the life insurance industry in general may be threshed out, determined and resolved in the interest of all the member companies;

To serve as liaison with national, regional and international organizations and agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, concerned with the development, improvement and supervision of life insurance institutions;

To promote goodwill, cooperation and understanding among the officers and staff of the member companies.