When you buy a Life Insurance Plan, you are actually buying security, protection and peace of mind. More so, Life Insurance provides savings, investment, and retirement income.

When you invest in Life Insurance you are either creating an Estate or conserving an Estate.

Even though you and your family may not like talking about life insurance, it is a subject that needs to be broached practically. The family needs to understand and accept the fact that there is no certainty about life and that being safe is better than being sorry.

Indeed, Life insurance is the most basic and essential protection available – can help make sure future needs are met and that your family maintains its standard of living, no matter what life brings.

Life insurance can also:

  • Create an instant estate, and pass to heirs as income, often income tax-free
  • Build cash value for loans for college expenses, mortgages, etc.
  • Build credit
  • Finance charitable gifts
  • Compensate a company if a key employee dies
  • Fund trusts, or buy-outs in businesses

In short, proceeds of Life Insurance can actually replace the liveable income and provide financial assistance to loved ones.

To top it all, Life Insurance is bought not because people have to die, but because people have to go on living.